CES coverage: Google Video and MS Urge

2006 starts very exciting: Google is launching Google Video (update: the Google Video platform/store could be a more accurat description, cause the basic video service isn’t new ) , Microsoft and MTV are presenting Urge to the world.

Apple’s Itunes is being companied by two new initiatives:

  • Google introduces the Google video player and the Google Store. Google and CBS will offer old shows for 1.99$, NBA matches will be available for download, a day after they got aired on TV). All shows can be played… in your Google Video Player.
  • Microsoft and MTV are working on Urge. Van Toffler from MTV: “URGE will offer a customized relationship to music, a sense of musical discovery … over 100 radio stations .. a chance to learn about the roots of songs and lyrics … a chance to interact with the artists.”

This evolution in the media world and the way we will consume media is really fascinating. Both Google Video and Urge are announced at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Vegas.

If you are interested in these (r)evolutions I would recommend this:

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Video on demand, hyperdistribution, web TV… it’s here now. Good luck if you still have an 10 GB ADSL/cabel account.

U zegt?
  1. google video is eigenlijk niet nieuw, je kon al een tijdje video’s uploaden. Wat nieuw is, is de betaal-downloadservice en de partnerships die ze zijn aangegaan met content providers.

  2. Mijn God, nog nooit Larry Page live iets zien presenteren, hij presenteert hilarisch slecht!! Je zou je op den duur afvragen of hij geen karikatuur van een geek wil neerzetten… moet zelfs alles voorlezen van een beduimeld papiertje!

  3. Smetty says:

    You have a point. Not the video service itself but the player, the store and the deals are new. Just easier to call the whole concept “Google Video” 🙂 But I did a small update of the text to be more accurat.

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