Apple fails! iPod, the sequel

Last week, I was really pissed about losing my iPod.

On Monday I was going to send the iPod via mail to Ireland. “Just try to reset it one more time”, the Viking said. I didn’t feel like doing so, but just listened to his advice and tried it. And you know what? The damned thing said: “beep”.

We found a website explaining my case: “The real story on what may (or may NOT) be wrong with your iPod battery”.

“the processor in the iPod crashes so thoroughly that a reset will not work, and the screen is blank no matter what buttons you push or how long you charge.”… “try letting it sit unplugged and untouched for 24-30 hours in a cool part of your house. This can lower the voltage enough to force a reboot. Plug it into the charger and try a reset”.

That’s exactly what happened. The iPod was dead, it was sitting in the original box for two days, and when I restarted it, it just worked.

In my previous post I said what I didn’t like about sending it back:

  • It needs to go in the original box.
    Two days later, someone rings our bell. “Hi, this is UPS for Smetty”. I didn’t expect any presents or goodies I ordered. “I’m here to pick up your iPod” the guy said. “Huh?!!!”
    I read my mail again ( like I said, I requested the Dutch version, but got an answer in French” and it said: “Emballez votre iPod convenablement a l’aide de l’emballage fourni”. How on earth was I supposed to know that they were going to send me a box by mail?
  • You don’t get your own iPod back.
    I had to accept that to register my iPod for repair. And what do I read in the AppleCare Direct Service leaflet coming with the box: “SAME UNIT. As a matter of policy, Apple will usually return the same unit back to you after the repair has been completed.” Do these guys ever read their own policies?

Anyway, my iPod is alive. But:

  • I can’t cancel my service request. What if it happens again?
  • Read this, and you know why buying an iPod is total ripoff
  • Read this , and you will understand why the iPod is here to stay (Via Luc)

I hate to admit that I’m addicted to it. Creative should sponsor me.

U zegt?
  1. Ine says:

    mhhhh, i feel the need to reply…
    i had an Ipod, until it got stolen. I loved it in any way:
    as a music back up, in an arab country with beautiful bit sometimes o-so annoying music.
    and as a back up, to have a copy of some important files, just in case.

    i was not living with 2 white buds on my ears all the time, most of the use was to give my studio some sound, and to lighten up my long waiting hours near a check point.
    but i am sure the article is right, NY is stunning to see these days…

    it crashed twice, and it was a simple reboot.
    actually apple gives worldwide guarantee on it during one year -for all their mobile devices that it-
    try that in an other company.

    they were the first to launch the hard disk audio player, and have many -expensive though- accessories that make it a usable tool for many things.
    they actually prooved that music industry is not dead and invented their amazing music shop, which should be considered a blessing for many music artists…

    most of all they offer the VERY EASY itunes for free.
    Not only this is for free, it is conveniant to deal with.
    I guess so many pc users use it because, like reports say, it just does what it has to do, and it works.
    One can claim that it only supports ipods, and should support others as well. I just answer: Windows doesn’t support other tools either. So why blame Apple.

    Sony and many other followed but with as many standards, So it is just one big mess.
    But he they followed! All of them copied the device.
    All of them copied the music stores.
    All with different standards..

    Apple offers a battery care system.
    They actually care about your tool.
    You might claim others are cheaper, but they ofter don’t offer all of this together.

    If we compare with for example RIO ( they only offer 3 months warranty and do’t say anything about cost to repair the battery.

    For you battery:

    I bought a sony md years ago. it was fun for one year. it costed me 350 euro.
    it didnt became a standard.
    it has a broken battery which will cost me 75 euro.

    I prefer things I can rely on in the future.
    The many things Apple introduced very often became standards
    -Firewire, wifi, Bluetooth, …-
    I don’t have to worry about it. my ipod will be there to stay.
    -if off course it doesn’t get stolen… lol-

    Oh yes, they are way overpriced, and sometimes they could do things better for sure.
    But for me it is worth the price. Really.
    Until now I never had a blue screen that erased it all.
    And I am not so sure others would kindly send you a box to put your material inside 😉

  2. Erwin says:

    Hmm, sorry, on this one I had to reply:

    Bluetooth was not introduced by Apple, it’s an invention done by a Dutchman, called Jaap Haartsen, and first introduced embedded in the Ericsson R520 mobile telephone as I can recall correctly and as an add-on the to Ericsson T28 phones.

    Jaap is working at Ericsson, a company I used to work for too during the time Bluetooth was introduced. Ericsson used to license the use of Bluetooth to other companies, and I still think that’s the case these days.

  3. Smetty says:

    I’m over it. (not the music experience, but the device itself)
    It’s just a device, not a religion.
    An way to expensive.

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