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  • Apple fails! iPod, the sequel

    Last week, I was really pissed about losing my iPod.

    On Monday I was going to send the iPod via mail to Ireland. “Just try to reset it one more time”, the Viking said. I didn’t feel like doing so, but just listened to his advice and tried it. And you know what? The damned thing said: “beep”.

    We found a website explaining my case: “The real story on what may (or may NOT) be wrong with your iPod battery”.

    “the processor in the iPod crashes so thoroughly that a reset will not work, and the screen is blank no matter what buttons you push or how long you charge.”… “try letting it sit unplugged and untouched for 24-30 hours in a cool part of your house. This can lower the voltage enough to force a reboot. Plug it into the charger and try a reset”.

    That’s exactly what happened. The iPod was dead, it was sitting in the original box for two days, and when I restarted it, it just worked.
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