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  • Technology surfing

    I’ve been very busy last weeks. Work? Oh no, “hobby projects” you know. I got to play with WordPress 1.5 thoroughly, and (a bit) unfortunately that kept me away from playing with other technologies. But hey, I fell in love with this software. It’s a really nice tool.

    Some things to mention:

    The Dashboard:

    • The “dashboard” option is the place to start in your own weblog tool. In the latest activity box, you’ll get handy information on the latest posts, scheduled entries, comments and blog stats.
    • A word on those blog stats. Here you get an overview of: the number of posts, comments and categories. The nicest things are the incoming links who are delivered by a Technorati search on your weblog.
    • That dialog box is just a small thing. The space left can be filled up with… RSS feeds. On Gent.blogt we added two RSS feeds from our partnering newspaper. I’m thinking of filling up with some specific RSS feeds from Technorati, Pubsub and Feedster.

    Left picture: dialog box on Gent.blogt, right picture: RSS feeds of our partner Read more