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  • iPod funeral

    Yesterday my iPod stopped functioning. I was listening to an old IT Conversations show with Chris Pirillo and paused the player just before going into a meeting. Afterwards, I tried to start it, but it did not respond. That happened to me before, but this time the device was really dead. It might sound stupid but I felt so sad about it.

    I have it since October last year. Only 5 months later I need to send it back to Ireland for repair. There’s three things I don’t like about sending it back:

    • It needs to go in the original box. Well, that’s quit a big box for such a small device, and it’s gonna be more expensive then a small box.
    • You don’t get your own iPod back. They’ll send you “something” in return. Could be used, could be new. But I want mine!
    • The confirmation letter was in French. Good for me, like all Belgians I’m triple-lingual, but my Viking doesn’t understand a word of it. My language option was Dutch, so I want my confirmation in Dutch as well. Don’t give me the option if there isn’t one. As a side note: it took Apple a few weeks after release until they added Dutch to the Belgian Apple iTunes store as well.

    The good thing is that nothing of my data will be lost. I didn’t have space on any hard disk for a backup, so I never wrote data on it that could I miss. But I did invest some time to add CDs to the iPod. Don’t really feel like doing that again before we buy our media center like planned. I’m not sure I will ever add those CDs again to the iPod. To be honest, on average I only listen to 10% of my music. Most of the time I’m totally into podcasting.

    Not sure I would buy the device again or recommend it. If I pay €400 for such a device, I expect to get my own property back.

    In the mean time, I don’t know what to do. I have three options, use my P900 mobile, use my Creative Nomad Jukebox3 device which I use for recording (too big), or live without it. I was definitely addicted to my poddie.