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  • Creative Commons struggle

    Doug Kaye, the producer of IT Conversations , is questioning his Creative Commons license.

    The reason he mentions: “They (Advertisers), need to know how many people are hearing their promotional announcements, and for that reason I need statistics: counts of the number of listeners. … But if you copy an IT Conversations recording and host it on your own web site (as currently allowed by our Creative Commons license), we won’t be able to include your listener counts in our totals.”

    And further: “You don’t let others just copy and re-host your complete web pages; you want readers to come to your site to read what you’ve written. Google page ranks and all that. It’s no different with audio programming.”

    This is an interesting case for me. In the comments, people advise different things. This goes from suggesting a “derivation of the CC license”, “understanding” and the opposite “I’ll start removing my links to IT Conversations if you restrict the licenses to non-CC”.

    I already wrote about my choice for non-CC.

    Two simple reasons: I want to know what happens with my content (page ranks, advertising) and I consider my blog as a book where the posts are the pages.

    CC license is great, but people shouldn’t make it a religion.

    Update 06/03:
    There seems to be “a license designed specifically to permit sampling”.