The Mayor blogs

The Mayor of our city (Ghent), Frank Beke, is blogging on our city website. It’s an honour to have him as a guest and it’s nice to know that he supports our blogging project.

Podcasting is coming closer. I did some more testing today. Conclusion: maybe I need to invest in a mixer as well.

Today, my biggest problem is free time, but the education cycle (courses, exams, holidays) is promising for the coming weeks… Woehoe…

U zegt?
  1. ine says:

    I don’t understand why your podcasting is such a burden.
    An ipod (or similar) with mic should do the thing, no?
    _really good quality_

    As for my tools: I have a freeware program that records everything that speaks in the neighbourhood of my computer, in mp3.
    Upload the mp3 with ecto, and make an adapted newsfeed with
    It works splendid.
    I you want some info: I made an podcasting manual for PhotoBlog, I can send.
    I wonder why you want the mixer…

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