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  • Samar yacht Flickr group

    I wrote a blogpost this summer and added 2 pictures of the Samar yacht I had spotted in Stockholm.

    A few weeks later, after adding another 40 pictures to that post and more than 80 to my Flickr account, I decided to close the post. It’s been a great pleasure for me and it was really exciting to follow the boat trough Europe. But after all, this blog and the blogsoftware aren’t really set up for that many content and comments. Besides the technical aspects, it takes to much time for me as well. My holiday is almost over, so it is time to start plan B.

    That’s why I created a Samar yacht group on Flickr. The story can continue there (or might be taken over by someone/somewhere else).

    Spending that much time on pictures, It really made me a heavy Flickr user (but not that heavy I would call myself a Flickr whore like Lama proudly does). It was fun, but it’s time to move on.

    More info on the Samar yacht: Samar yacht group