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  • AOL 2452032: fantasy or reality?

    Today, I was suprised to read (online, newspapers) how many people started minimalizing the impact of the AOL searchdata dump. Let’s see if we can make something out of 1 random data dump.


    • User 2452032 visits MySpace on March 1st and 27th of May. He searches for on the 29e and the 30e of may. Note: is only available for registered members.
    • On the 4th of May the users types instantmessenger with an “a”.
    • On the 15th of March, the users searches for “bsholl01”. This could be a login that has been typed in the wrong field (maybe you don’t do that, but I’ve already done it myself).
    • User searches for “msu” on March 9th.

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