Last year I (Smetty the yacht spotter) took some pictures of the Rising Sun. Today, I spotted this little beauty, named “Samar” (Click on the pictures to enlarge or check the Samar yacht photo group on Flickr).

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Samar I

Samar II

The first thing I want to know: “who is the owner and what are the specs?”.
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The Western Morning News:

…the yacht, built at Devonport Management Limited’s yacht building arm Devonport Yachts, was built for a Kuwait-based millionaire businessman who is a senior figure in a company which specialises in the engineering and financial sectors...

…the yacht will be called ‘Samar’, after the owner’s daughter.
At nearly 77 metres (253ft), it is the biggest yacht to be built in the UK since the 125 metre Royal Yacht Britannia more than 50 years ago.

Boasting five decks, accommodation for 12 passengers, 20 crew and four staff, a glass staircase running through the centre of the vessel, a fully-fitted gymnasium, a steam room and hot and cold pools on the upper deck, the boat is the epitome of luxury.

I see this family scene: “hun, I want to do some shopping, can we go there with our yachtie, do you want me to take the snoozy woozy little boat or shall we fly today?” The epitome of luxury. Mmm…

Update 22/08: Samar chopper video on YouTube

Update 31/07: picture by Mats Häggström (18/07 – Stockholm – Sweden)

Samar III

Update 18/08: picture by Bill (29/07 – Riga – Latvia)

Samar XXVI

Update 04/08: pictures by Menno Haagsma (02/08 – Copenhagen – Denmark)

Samar V

Samar IV

Update 08/08: picture by Albin (02/08 – Copenhagen – Denmark)

Samar XII

Update 2 04/08: pictures by Per Wallenius (04/08 – Göteborg – Sweden)

Samar VII

Samar VI

Update 06/08: pictures by Reimund Lehrkinder (04 + 05/08 – Göteborg – Sweden)

Samar 9B

Samar 9A

Update 06/08: picture by Jesper Berlin (06/08 – Göteborg – Sweden)

Samar VIII

Update 08/08: picture by anonymous (07/08 – Oslo)

Samar X

Update2 08/08: picture (big size here) by Thomas Lønberg (07/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Info by Thomas: “The “Samar” arrived Oslo yesterday and it’s still docked at Rådhusbrygga, witch is the finest harbour in Oslo.
This picture is taken from my office at 6th floor a few hundred metres away. Sadly some nature in the front, but the view is amazing!

The cruiseship behind is Royal Caribbean’s “Jewel Of The Seas“, witch is a 90090 gross tonne cruiseship and in front-left corner you can spot the three masts of “Christian Radich” witch is a 80 year old sail wessel, famous from the movie Cinemiracle.

Samar XI

Update 12/08: pictures by Tom Hinsby (08/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Samar XIII

Samar XIV

Update 12/08 (2): picture by Klaudia Pawlowska (08/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Samar XV

Update 25/08: picture by Basil (10/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Samar 40

Update 14/08: picture by Quintus and Petra (13/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XVI

Update 14/08 (2): pictures by The Prodigy (14/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)


Samar XVII

Update 18/08: pictures by Luce van Rooy (14/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XXI

Samar XX

Update 18/08 (2): picture by Kees Noeken (15/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XIX

Update 22/08: picture by Peter Verzendaal (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands).

Samar 33

Update 18/08 (3): picture by Peter (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands).

Samar XXII

Update 18/08 (4): picture by Linda (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)


Update 18/08 (5): pictures by Martin Koel (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XXIV

Samar XXV

Update 20/08: picture by John Feltham (18/08 – Portsmouth – England). This is the Samar entering Portsmouth Harbour at 09.45 hrs on Friday 18th August.

Update 20/08 (2): picture by Rod Rainer (18/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Update 22/08: pictures by Captain Roger Tyler (19/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar 31

Samar 32

Update 22/08 (2): picture by Ian (20/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar XXX

Update 25/08: picture by François-Xavier Peretmere (21/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar 34

Update 25/08: pictures by Marc (23/08 – Weymouth Harbour – England).

Samar 39

Samar 38

Update 25/08: pictures by M. (23/08 – Weymouth Harbour – England).

Samar 35

Samar 36

Update 25/08: picture by Marc Fagg (24/08 – Weymouth Harbour – England).

Samar 37

Update 25/08: shot from the Spinnaker Tower by Mike Cordery (25/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar 41

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U zegt?
  1. Francis says:

    Anybody ever been in Monaco? There you see the real thing! Much bigger and over loaded…
    But ok it is a nice one, the Samar. Specialy in this region.

  2. Woop Woop says:

    Hi, the Samar was at my home town of Portsmouth in GunWharf Quays today, isn’t she bearilliant, Woop! Woop!

    Woop Woop
    The Famous Globe Trotting Bear

  3. John says:

    It’s 3.30am Sat night/Sun morning. I’ve just come back to my flat overlooking Gunwharf and my view is blocked by this thing. It’s all quiet on board except for one poor chap sat quietly at the top of the gangplank.

  4. Big Boat Man says:

    They’re walking the dog!!!

  5. Mike Coulter says:

    work at gunwharf, boat is really cool. beleave its leaving tuesday night. dont know were to

  6. Marco says:

    Just been shopping at Gunwharf (Portsmouth) UK, and SAMAR is there now.View from the top of the spinnaker tower down on to the decks of SAMAR is amazing!!! but didnt get any pictures sadly.Nobody knew who it belonged to, so just found your website thanks for that!!

  7. Sheila Bradley says:

    Saw this yacht at Portsmouth on Saturday 19th August. Took a couple of photos.

  8. jesters two says:

    we were mored up against it on the 18.7.06 what a boat !!!! we were talking to the captain. it is 6 weeks old and at porstmouth for upgrade supplies e.g they were putting on load of circuit breakers and the bottom steps for the hydrolic stairs he also said barcelona is its home port ?? cant be to true if he is a kuwate business man.

  9. Lilly says:

    Saw her come in on Friday at Gunwharf with Jimbo she is a cracker, but it’s not like it’s the first for Gunwharf.
    They have had
    Mirabella 5
    Shall I go on….
    Oh and Simon watch this space.

  10. mel says:

    She’s off to spain shortly taking her mini cooper with her!

  11. Devin Star says:

    Wow…saw this is gunwharf last night – blue lights on – looked absolutely stunning. Was so mesmerised couldnt stop looking out of tiger tiger’s window at it.

    I want one!

  12. Gughie says:

    I saw Samar in Falmouth harbour on Sunday 2nd July and watched her leave and go up the coast towards Plymouth/Portsmouth and it looked fast even from a distance.
    Very luxurious and stunning.

  13. ric99 says:

    An amazing boat – she looked great by Gunwharf Quay on Sunday. And what an advert for British marine construction!

  14. Riggers says:

    awesome vessel, I could not stop looking at it today. Would like to know who it really belongs to.

  15. Dory says:

    Wow, you have some really impressive pictures of the Samar. I saw her docked at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth this weekend and have had a fascination with finding out more about her the last couple of days. How the other half live…

  16. Capnph says:

    It’s coming to Weymouth (Olympic sailing venue 2012). Very exciting.

  17. Snotty Yachty says:

    Fantastic day! MY (Motor Yacht not ‘my’ god I wish) Samar is awsome, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen her, her sheer presence is overwhelming. Shame I missed you Lilly and Jimbo, could have swapped Yacht spotting stories. I’m down in Portsmouth this week so should see her a few more times hopefully.

  18. maxeh says:

    Me and a friend went for a walk down through Portsmouth’s gunwharf, and were shocked to see this huge thing sat in the water. It intrigued us for hours, and i’m glad youve documented this 🙂

  19. kkuk2001 says:

    I saw he (Samar) on Saturday and have been day-dreaming ever since. How much do we think she is worth? How great to have your own helicopter on board! Have we seen any other toys?

    If he’s got a boat like that think what his house is like? Or should I say houses?

    Did any one see him hanging around Gunwhalf – he must of stood out cos you would of thought he would have an entourage??

  20. Sally H says:

    Went to Gunwharf Keys today for my daughter`s Birthday and we could not stop admiring the Samar. We were told by a guy who works on the key she is insured for £100 000000 !! An intire universe away than the rest of us. Even a lottery win would only pay for a weeks charter! Oh well, we can all dream.

  21. Adrian Whalley says:

    l worked for the owner of this new boat in 1999 and got in touch with him earlier today to say what a beautiful boat Samar is.. He is actually from Lebanon. He is an international businessman that simply has a passion for yachts and sailing. A lot of the interest and speculation is unnecessary and untrue. l wish him and the crew a happy trip. l know they are heading north again towards the baltic sea.

  22. Ballistic says:

    Here’s some pictures taken today at Gunwharf Keys, Portsmouth.

    Was trying to get a good shot of the emblem on the flag. It may be something ordinary as I don’t know much about sailing.

  23. manfredo riggs says:

    Adrian Whalley,

    You liar! You didn’t work for the owner, you wished so. Please don’t act knowing the guy who owns the ship, cause you don’t know the man!

  24. Snotty Yachty says:

    Ladies, calm down

  25. John Feltham says:

    Samar departed Portsmouth Harbour at 13:40hrs on 23 August. That has left a lot of room for all the other yachts!

  26. don egas says:

    …samar departed Portsmouth Harbour at 13:40hrs….
    Whoowww what an important message John, I can’t believe it’s true, let’s call CNN Breaking news!!!

  27. John Feltham says:

    Thanks don egas – just a little more informative than your own posting but no less or more important. Any idea where she is headed?

  28. MMMMM says:

    The Samar is in No.1 Berth Weymouth Harbour this evening(August23rd)

  29. x-pert says:

    Can confirm that SAMAR did leave Gun Wharf this afternoon.
    According to Solent AIS destination was ‘Studland Bay’, quite close for Swanage, Dorset UK.
    However, checking AIS LIVE, she is now very close to Portland

    Just appreciate that when those with a fortune to spend, actually do spend it, we all get an income, albeit the supplier, the local hotel, B&B, shops, etc, etc.
    Do not knock wealth, it pays our wages
    Think it is called the ‘pyramid effect’. What starts on the top dribbles down to those at the bottom, and we all end up with an income.

    I can only thank the owner of Samar for putting his trust in a UK ship-yard, and it’s suppliers. Trust that more prospective owners will look our way.

  30. Gail & Graham says:

    August 23 19.45
    Watched Samar cruise across Weymouth Bay and moor up on the Condor Ferries berth at the entrance to the Harbour. What an awesome sight. Went down to see her close up got to about 20 feet away from the stern. FANTASTIC. Word spreading around the town and many people going out to see her. Lights on inside could see quite well. What an incredible standard of ship building proud to be British. Trying to find out how long she is staying.

  31. marc westmancott says:

    Samar is in weymouth tonight and what a sight it is!! i have never seen a boat so big and luxurious owned by a private person before and probably never will again, well worth a look if your in the area.

  32. Derek says:

    Hi – saw this yacht in Weymouth harbour, Dorset tonight – what a gin palace.

  33. Lopper says:

    Just sailed along side her berthed in Weymouth Harbour. Unbelievable.

  34. ron jeremy says:

    Hi I saw this yacht coming in yesterday at Weymouth. I got a stiff one when I saw this beauty! Maybe I go back tonight to see if there’s a party for me to join.

  35. Marky says:

    Saw Samar in Weymouth Yesterday,the helicopter was buzzing the town last night whilst I was having a few beers. A truly awesome sight, as big as the condor ferry.

  36. Mike says:

    Hmmm the owner must love the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth as she sailed in and moored right under it again this morning at 06:30

  37. Pancakesmum says:

    Well are’nt there some green eyed monsters around. I’m so glad that there are more people here who appreciate the beauty of this yacht. Saw her tonight for the first time at Gunwharf Quays, had a glass of beer whilst admiring her. Would love to have been able to go on board, but can’t say I would like to own her or be her owner. Money does not always bring happiness.

  38. L says:

    When Samar was in Finland me and few my navy friends was invited to visit Samar… It was amazing, steam sauna with golden floor , elevator , many many plasma screens and so on !

  39. trevor says:

    hi just to let you all know thats its in portsmouth at the moment and its a beautifull boat . .

  40. Becky Bollam says:

    I work at Gunwharf, The owner personally came into my shop and spent a few thousand pounds. He is lovely, very down to earth and invited me onto the boat that evening. And yes, its absolutely stunning on board, very luxurious and his family and crew are lovely too.

  41. paul unsworth says:

    what a ship just had the pleasure of seeing her at gunwharf quays could anyone give an estimate of how much she cost.

  42. Becky Bollam says:

    Hi Paul,

    40 million pounds – alright for some!!

  43. Snotty Yachty says:

    “invited me onto the boat that evening”. Doubt it somehow Becky

  44. Father and Daughter says:

    After recently visiting Gunwarf with my brother who is currently serving in the Royal Navy on HMS Lancaster, we spotted the Samar (like you could miss it)! Decided once we got home we would check it out to find more info on it and found lots of others had done the same. Did the usual and took lots of photos… Dad says the only other one which may be bigger was the Shar of Persha’s? In Ibiza,1998. He has come back and decided to start saving his pound coins into his whisky bottle!!

  45. Jim says:

    Saw this yacht in Gunwharf Quays in Potsmouth in the week,it is absolutly massive. Its not often that you see a privately owned yacht with a helicopter on the back. And there’s people starving in the world.

  46. Becky Bollam says:

    To all you disbelievers… I have been on board, I delivered his goods to the boat with one of my members of staff, got signed on by two members of crew and escorted up to one of the sun decks, where the family were having drinks. The owner invited us to join them and the owner’s father placed another large order with me, which his crew collected from my store on Friday. I’ve met the owner, his wife, friends and the owner’s father, all were lovely and were discussing their dinner plans for that evening. It is stunning inside, I could even tell you what they were drinking , how many pairs of shoes were lined up by the entrance, what else they had brought that day in the complex…..

  47. marianne goodson says:

    Hi Becky,

    Nice try, but I still don’t believe you. When the vessel was in Amsterdam the crew told the press no one is allowed on board of the ship at any time for security reasons. Why would they ask you, who they don’t know on board of the boat? I think youre messing up reality and fantasy.

  48. hannah says:

    i spotted this yacht when i was in weymouth i was on the beach and i seen it with my family it was really big i was so amazed of what i saw and when i got home i tried to find the name samar in the search engine but i found this website it so great the pictures how did you get them

  49. Snotty Yachty says:

    “I could even tell you what they were drinking , how many pairs of shoes were lined up by the entrance, what else they had brought that day in the complex…..”

    That’s just worrying

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