Last year I (Smetty the yacht spotter) took some pictures of the Rising Sun. Today, I spotted this little beauty, named “Samar” (Click on the pictures to enlarge or check the Samar yacht photo group on Flickr).

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Samar I

Samar II

The first thing I want to know: “who is the owner and what are the specs?”.
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The Western Morning News:

…the yacht, built at Devonport Management Limited’s yacht building arm Devonport Yachts, was built for a Kuwait-based millionaire businessman who is a senior figure in a company which specialises in the engineering and financial sectors...

…the yacht will be called ‘Samar’, after the owner’s daughter.
At nearly 77 metres (253ft), it is the biggest yacht to be built in the UK since the 125 metre Royal Yacht Britannia more than 50 years ago.

Boasting five decks, accommodation for 12 passengers, 20 crew and four staff, a glass staircase running through the centre of the vessel, a fully-fitted gymnasium, a steam room and hot and cold pools on the upper deck, the boat is the epitome of luxury.

I see this family scene: “hun, I want to do some shopping, can we go there with our yachtie, do you want me to take the snoozy woozy little boat or shall we fly today?” The epitome of luxury. Mmm…

Update 22/08: Samar chopper video on YouTube

Update 31/07: picture by Mats Häggström (18/07 – Stockholm – Sweden)

Samar III

Update 18/08: picture by Bill (29/07 – Riga – Latvia)

Samar XXVI

Update 04/08: pictures by Menno Haagsma (02/08 – Copenhagen – Denmark)

Samar V

Samar IV

Update 08/08: picture by Albin (02/08 – Copenhagen – Denmark)

Samar XII

Update 2 04/08: pictures by Per Wallenius (04/08 – Göteborg – Sweden)

Samar VII

Samar VI

Update 06/08: pictures by Reimund Lehrkinder (04 + 05/08 – Göteborg – Sweden)

Samar 9B

Samar 9A

Update 06/08: picture by Jesper Berlin (06/08 – Göteborg – Sweden)

Samar VIII

Update 08/08: picture by anonymous (07/08 – Oslo)

Samar X

Update2 08/08: picture (big size here) by Thomas Lønberg (07/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Info by Thomas: “The “Samar” arrived Oslo yesterday and it’s still docked at Rådhusbrygga, witch is the finest harbour in Oslo.
This picture is taken from my office at 6th floor a few hundred metres away. Sadly some nature in the front, but the view is amazing!

The cruiseship behind is Royal Caribbean’s “Jewel Of The Seas“, witch is a 90090 gross tonne cruiseship and in front-left corner you can spot the three masts of “Christian Radich” witch is a 80 year old sail wessel, famous from the movie Cinemiracle.

Samar XI

Update 12/08: pictures by Tom Hinsby (08/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Samar XIII

Samar XIV

Update 12/08 (2): picture by Klaudia Pawlowska (08/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Samar XV

Update 25/08: picture by Basil (10/08 – Oslo – Norway)

Samar 40

Update 14/08: picture by Quintus and Petra (13/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XVI

Update 14/08 (2): pictures by The Prodigy (14/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)


Samar XVII

Update 18/08: pictures by Luce van Rooy (14/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XXI

Samar XX

Update 18/08 (2): picture by Kees Noeken (15/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XIX

Update 22/08: picture by Peter Verzendaal (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands).

Samar 33

Update 18/08 (3): picture by Peter (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands).

Samar XXII

Update 18/08 (4): picture by Linda (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)


Update 18/08 (5): pictures by Martin Koel (16/08 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Samar XXIV

Samar XXV

Update 20/08: picture by John Feltham (18/08 – Portsmouth – England). This is the Samar entering Portsmouth Harbour at 09.45 hrs on Friday 18th August.

Update 20/08 (2): picture by Rod Rainer (18/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Update 22/08: pictures by Captain Roger Tyler (19/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar 31

Samar 32

Update 22/08 (2): picture by Ian (20/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar XXX

Update 25/08: picture by François-Xavier Peretmere (21/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar 34

Update 25/08: pictures by Marc (23/08 – Weymouth Harbour – England).

Samar 39

Samar 38

Update 25/08: pictures by M. (23/08 – Weymouth Harbour – England).

Samar 35

Samar 36

Update 25/08: picture by Marc Fagg (24/08 – Weymouth Harbour – England).

Samar 37

Update 25/08: shot from the Spinnaker Tower by Mike Cordery (25/08 – Portsmouth – England).

Samar 41

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U zegt?
  1. ann doherty says:

    Exactly right Snotty,

    To me this sounds like activities of an organisation to whom pres. Bush declared war.

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi All, I worked on the 120 million pound boat, I have a load of pictures taken during its production. How do I post them, or who can I email a couple to so they can be posted.

    Great Ship, 12 million in technology on the boat, the owner was really into his technology, so we kept adding and adding.


  3. Francis says:

    For a 120 million pounds you can buy a lot more (bigger) boat than the Samar. This one would rather be a 40 million € yacht. Or there must be a lot of misterious technology on board.

  4. ann doherty says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Stop kiddin’ us all. This vessel is not worth 120 mio and you know it. I don’t believe you worked on this ship because otherwise you wouldn’t post this mail for confidential reasons. You’re just tryin to fool us you naughty little boy 😉

  5. Francis says:

    That’s right Ann

    * comment deleted by Smetty. This is my blog folks. Be nice here. Thx. *

  6. Francis says:

    Who is the copycat? … I did not wrote blog 155!

  7. ann doherty says:

    Strange reaction Francis!

    I believe you’re trying to fool us all.

  8. fix of France says:

    2 days ago,this ship entered the commercial port of La Rochelle (western France) and went into the drydock for some works under the waterline (so many gears under waterline,may be just replacing one of the underwater spotlights !)

  9. manu says:

    Today, september 7th, this boat is in Bilbao, near of Guggenheim Museum

  10. Pete says:

    Hi Betty – FYI – Kutayba’s father died several years ago, he was called Yusuf – and trust me KYA is so not currently married – so doubtful that the wife was around. Though it may be possible that you went on board to deliver your goods – KYA is that kind of man.


  11. Huug says:

    Wat ‘subtiel’ van Peter! Tactvol! 😉

  12. ann doherty says:

    Thx Peter, I think the case Betty is closed now. In the end cheating will always be discovered.

    I wonder what the goods of Betty may have cost.

  13. Iker says:

    Samar is now in Bilbao (Basque Country – Spain) since 6th of September (2006). When I asked to a member of he crew where they were from, he answeared me: “English”. They couldn´t say were from, neither who the owner was.
    I googled and found this information, thnks!

  14. João says:

    Hi everybody!
    The “Samar” arrived 18h yesterday at Lisbon.
    Just marvelous! And as someone said, “I wonder what’s the owner doing here”?!
    The chopper stands still but the upper deck also holds a Mini Cooper.
    If only I could have a camera here…!

  15. Migas says:

    Today, september 15th, this boat is in Lisboa, hope to take some pictures to post here 🙂

    what a ship !!!!!

  16. Snotty Yachty says:

    I know it’s big but surely they can’t drive round on the deck in a mini cooper Italian Job style.

  17. João says:

    To Snotty Yachty:
    You’re right. But somehow the Mini is down on the pier, maybe to go on shopping around Lisbon, or to go to the backery.

  18. Roberto says:

    Hey there, this is a message for my friend Bob (the Pilot), just to say hello from the Chilean Extreme Patagonia, I met him some 13 years ago and all I can say is that he is the hell of a good friend, and one of his kind.

    best regards from Chile… Roberto

  19. Captain Ron says:

    As an ex naval captain and helicopter pilot with thousands of hous flying from ships I was very impressed, and a touch envious, by the Samar when I saw her in Lisbon Harbour today. Quite beautiful. Amazingly enough she is berthed only a few meters away from where The Tall Ships (including Christian Radich) were berthed in July. I was told the ship´s helicopter pilot is ex US Army, and the ship sails tonight for Barcelona. Sadly they were not in need of a First Lieutenant nor A helicopter pilot, ah well, back to the golf course!

  20. Bill says:

    Saw Samar in Gibraltar today. Thanks we were wondering where she was headed. We are also headed for Barcelona so we will have the privilege of seeing her again. An invite would be nice!!

  21. Tracy says:

    Saw Samar this afternoon moored in Playa Flamenca, just outside Torrevieja. Now heading north. Pics available if wanted.

  22. daz says:

    my sister reports she is currently docked on a criuse ship next to SAMAR at SAVONA harbour today the 20th September 2006.

  23. Chris Lewis says:

    The ship indeed belongs to Kuwaiti Kutayba Alghanim. I have friends who are leaving this week to meet up with it and sail with Mr. Alghanim.

  24. ann doherty says:

    Yeah right Chris Lewis.

    Hope you believe it yourself.
    “…I have friends who…” How pathetic.

  25. someone says:

    samar was in barcelona this morning. in the forum port.

  26. Huug says:

    How strange. I’ve seen Samar in Brussels this afternoon ?

  27. Snotty Yachty says:

    Samar never ceases to amaze me, two places at once.

  28. Nadia says:

    I see the boat on this monday 25/09/2006 here in Barcelona in the port of Forum.

  29. ann doherty says:

    I think Chris Lewis, who happens to be close friend of the owner, knows in which port the vessel is at any time. Go Chris!

  30. Snotty Yachty says:

    Someone has to know the chap, why not Chris?

  31. Retro says:

    I worked for the Alghanim family in the eighties. At that time the primary family yacht was called “Daria”, which was also a beautiful boat with a helipad and was named after the daughter of a family friend. The staff that worked the various chalets, mansions and estates were an interesting a varied group from all countries. I had the opportunity to meet Yusef, the family patriarch, while he was still alive. Although he lived in a large mansion in Florida, I admired him for his simplicity. He had all finest things in the world at his disposal, but frequently he would just like to sit in the kitchen on a stool watching a small portable television while his maid worked around him.
    Kutayba was and is, of course, a business genius, who converted inherited millions into billions. Working around such wealth gave me many interesting stories that most humans will never get to experience.

  32. DAVE says:

    i saw the Samar still moored in Port Forum, Barcelona on Monday 30/10/06

  33. Franc says:

    16/11/06 he was still in Port Forum, Barcelona. I saw it and make some pictures.

  34. ann doherty says:

    * comment deleted by Smetty *

    This is my weblog * who ever you maybe be (using the same ip-adres and e-mail, but different screen names) *.
    Calling names doesn’t belong here.

  35. Minty says:

    Today my wife & I saw the Samar back in Plymouth, UK, the city where she was built. Currently she is anchored in Cawsand Bay in some unpleasent weather conditions – we wondered if maybe she is here for the winter? The UK has been lashed by severe gales over the past few days so I imagine the crew have had a very bumpy ride if they have come all the way from Spain – rather them than me!

    It really is a lovely yacht – is it one of the biggest in the world, because seeing her at anchor she really does look huge?!

  36. Goldenboy says:

    The Samar is in Plymouth for the winter . Will be in dry dock for some minor warranty work. An incredibly well built boat. Stunning and very quiet too due to same electric propulsion system as on QM2

  37. ann doherty says:

    I’m so excited to hear from you all were the hell the Samar will stay during the winter. I can’t sleep at night, this is so important for us all to know. Yes I will get a life in the end. Go on delete this Smetty!

  38. chris stacey says:

    the owner is Mr Algahnim.his previous boat was called Daria…

  39. MR X says:

    Yes she is in dry dock for the winter along with another…

  40. Snotty Yachty says:

    I thunk this point needs to be stressed – This forum is for people who share an interest in Super yachts, either through work or being near the see etc. Those people who come on here to mock are actually the ones with the problems. If you’re not interested in the boats why bother coming on here?

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