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  • Pod Force

    Just been in a podcast recording session with 3 other people. I wasn’t the one recording this time (can’t tell more yet). Looking forward to hear the result.

    With the end of the year coming closer, new trends for 2006 are published and trends for 2005 get reviewed. Some people say podcasting did not make it and was just a hype.

    I think podcasting might have been a bit hyped, yes. I personally believe videoblogging will become more popular. But that doesn’t mean podcasting is not powerful. Oh no, Scoble just wrote a nice post illustrating that.

    This afternoon, a colleague who I thought was a non-podcast believer, said she discovered podcasting and just loves it. She’s important for the company, so if you can reach her, you reach the company and their clients. That’s not a hype, that’s an opportunity.