U zegt?
  1. Pierre says:

    I had a look at this one while looking for an image tank to take with me on vacation this summer, but decided it was over my budget and I wasn’t sure if the “USB On The Go” function would work with my IXUS 50.

    Make sure you also visit http://www.misticriver.net/ for tips, info etc.

  2. Smetty says:

    Prices = Apple’s Ipod.

    I’m going to try the podcast features tommorow. That’s the absolute pro here.

    I’ll check the site. Thx.

  3. oozie says:

    Great choice i have an IHP120 for almost 2 years now never had a problem with it and with the new open source firmw

  4. Aha that was the ‘thing’ you were playing with yesterday ;-). Cool stuff. I am thinking of such a device. I am going to follow your experiences.

  5. Smetty says:

    Working on yesterday’s podcast.
    I’ll try to blow you away.
    Euh… with the sound quality ofcourse…;-)

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