Finally back into the water.

Comment 1: Chillen chillen in een (33m/deep) bubbelbad


Comment 2: This what you see 10 meters deep in Nemo33 in Brussels (note: it’s really dark in these caves, nothing interesting, and look what we discovered using a flash light)


And euh… seen something interesting on their site: ” On a physiological level, then. The diving can make you lose weight without effort. It also increases the libido.” Hmmm it makes me sleepy. Where did I go wrong?

U zegt?
  1. VH says:

    “It also increases the libido”.
    Not really Smetty, not really 😉
    Nitrogen and valves in blood vessels, you know 😉

  2. Dafke says:

    Hi, how come? Yesterday was the day, and now it al flows away!

    Euhm wat ik eig wou zeggen, tis wel week van de moedertaal

  3. Huug says:

    Volgende keer ga ik mee !

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