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  • Ik stel u voor: Doppler

    Het is zover. Vandaag werd Doppler gelanceerd. Als je een client ontwikkeld, dan wil je graag dat die gedownload en gebruikt wordt, en liefst nog is door zoveel mogelijk mensen.

    Ga nu allen en download Doppler.

    Hoe het voelt?
    “We’re on a rollercoaster and it keeps on bumping”

    Doppler’s CV:

    Podcasting redefined radio, Doppler redefined podcasting.

    Today, we are proud to release the most advanced podcasting tool on the web.
    It’s easy to use, but still gives you all the features you really wanted.
    A new step in the history of podcasting.


    1. Doppler is designed for the Windows Platform
    2. Drag and drop a URL onto Doppler
    3. Scheduled interval to retrieve feeds
    4. Specify the number of files to download
    5. Restrict the allowable size of downloads
    6. Filter your items by text
    7. Possibility to run in minimized mode
    8. Import and exporting OPML files

    Doppler is an aggregator that downloads podcasts based on RSS feeds,and lets you listen to it the way you want it, whenever you like it, on the device of your choice.

    Doppler has been developed using the latest Microsoft .net technology and is available as a small download sizing less than 500 KB.

    Contact information: