aXbo Schlafphasen wecker

I have the coolest alarm clock in town: the aXbo sleep phase clock (sounds more impressive in German isn’t it?).


About the package: the clock comes with 2 wristbands and 2 sensors.

About the technology: “Body movements are monitored through the wristband and sent to the clock. By computing these movements, aXbo calculates your personal ideal wake-up time within a time range of 30 minutes prior to the alarm time set.”

About the Smetty test (last 2 weeks, only on the moments I had to wake up early):

  • The one with the clock on the furniture against the wall (opposite of the bed): no sleep phase function, only the basic alarm worked (IEP-IEP-IEP instead of some nice birds singing)
  • The one with the clock in my bed: sleep phase function works! Really great to wake up on a moment that seemed to be perfect.
  • The one with the clock near the bed on the floor: no sleep phase function.
  • The one with the clock in bed again: sleep phase function works perfect again.

The Smetty conclusion:

I don’t mind to wear the wristband and I really like the idea of waking up on the right moment, but it seems like I do have a small problem with my gadget. This is the first clock that I need to take IN bed with me before it works. Maybe it just wants to stand alone on a special piece of furniture against my bed. Some more tests will be required in the coming weeks.

Quite a character, that clock of mine…

U zegt?
  1. lamazone says:

    This clock is very nifty, but what if you have trouble sleeping?

  2. Smetty says:

    Euhmm… Drink more beer?

  3. lamazone says:

    aaaah! the answer to all of life questions!
    “Drink more beer” indeed!

  4. Marco says:

    De Axbo SPAC slaapfase wekker is eenvoudig te bestellen bij

    Wij leveren de bioritmische slaapfase wekker uit voorraad.

    Meer informatie:

    Tot gauw

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