One thousand paintings: sold out very soon?

We bought 2 paintings (74 and 404) when they were still cheap.

Two days later 333 paintings have been sold. Every time you push refresh, it counts up. Amazing…

It’s great to be part of such a project. I check the buzz on the project a few times a day. If the project speeds up like it’s going right now, it will be sold out very soon.

My next step: sell mine on eBay? 🙂

Smetty thinks * Must come up with a good strategy to tell Viking this (because it’s a birthday gift).*

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U zegt?
  1. kristof says:

    you are trying hard to get/keep the buzz going aren’t you? 😉

  2. Brian Baute says:

    Good call getting in early – 369 sold now and the price keeps climbing. Maybe now’s the time to add a brick to your collection?

  3. Nick says:

    Now it’s just waiting for

  4. Smetty says:

    @kristof: BoingBoing and Seth Godin are blogging this. Who am I compared to those guys? 🙂 It’s just fun to follow the buzz.

    @Nick: found someone already. Some guy comments on every blog about his brick project 😉

    @Brian: are you a copycat?

  5. Brian Baute says:

    No, I don’t think I’m a copycat. I definitely was inspired by the Million Dollage Homepage, but I think the creativity of people getting to choose their own 60-character message and having the physical brick installed in a permanent location make it a very different thing than the Million Dollar Homepage. And I launched my project before I ever heard of One Thousand Paintings, though it does look like Sala launched his before I launched mine.

    Do you think I’m a copycat?

  6. Smetty says:

    @Brian: I don’t know who launched first. If you say you didn’t hear from him, well, I guess the two of you just started a similar project in the same timeframe(which happens a lot with good ideas).

    It was just “remarkable” that Viking and I wrote 3 initial posts,and you reacted on those 3 with exact the same comment and a link to your brick project. By doing so, I had a “what a copycat” feeling. Maybe “what a comment spammer” feeling should have been more accurate. No offence, but writing 3 comments like that just didn’t feel right.

    But hey, good luck with your bricks. Those paintings will be sold out very soon, so buyers will have to switch to another project anyway 😉

  7. Brian Baute says:

    Sorry about the multiple comments. I’ve been tracking the development of the Thousand Paintings meme on Technorati, and since my project is so similar I’ve been mentioning it and linking to it in my comments on those posts. The two projects are an interesting comparison/contrast: mine has the advantage of allowing the buyer to leave his/her mark with a personalized message, and Sala’s has the advantage of capitalizing on an impulse buy (no need to ponder over what to say with your 3 lines, etc.) and the buyer receiving the physical item for display rather than for installation elsewhere. Again, apologies for any offense.

  8. Belinda Moxham says:

    The person who launched two years before 2ooo Bricks and One Thousand Paintings is Anthony White with The Money Series at

    Sala at One Thousand Paintings is giving it a really big plug on his web site for some reason.

  9. roberto says:

    do you think it is a copycat?

  10. Smetty says:

    Who was first? You?

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