Web2.0 (published with Office 2007)

Web 2.0

The enzyme that won

In 2003, towards the end of the dotcom depression, Dale Dougherty and Tim O’Reilly, the founders of O’Reilly Media, a book publisher and conference firm, were brainstorming, and Mr Dougherty dropped the term ”Web 2.0”. It was an allusion to the nomenclature for software upgrades, and Mr Dougherty was applying it to what he hoped would be a second generation of the internet. ”We think of ourselves as an enzyme,” says Mr O”Reilly. ”When we see something coalescing, we give it an name.”

At some point ”Web 2.0” took on a life of its own, being applied to online social networks, collective intelligence, blogging and podcasting and ‘participation’ in general. It started being used in sentences that also contained other buzzwords, such as the long tail, folksonomies, or the semantic web. It is in danger of meeting the fate of core, synergy, and leverage, but for the time being, Mr O’Reilly is delighted.

The Economist, may 13Th-19th 2006

I wanted to publish this quote on my blog anyway. Using Word 2007 to do so, feels almost like a statement.

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