Not hot

I was in an interview yesterday (a real jobinterview). These guys said they heard about my cool parties…

Well uhmm, I did a geekdinner and a blogdinner. I thought that was cool, but those are definitely not parties.

A bit later, we found out they were talking about the trouble-parties. The only thing I noticed were these girls writing about it, and I always assumed they organize it as well cause: “TROUBLE is… 2 dykes (and some friendly fags) wanting to present a queer alternative to the traditional gay party scene.”

I had to disapoint them. Trouble may be hot, (it seems) I’m not.

Nerdy me goes to the Brussels Bloggers Meeting. That’s gonna be cool too.

U zegt?
  1. A cyber-misunderstanding? Funny! Where did you apply? 🙂

  2. Smetty says:

    Where is not important.

    You want to know who.
    So here we go: *%20043*. The left guy.

    Hope he forgives me. Don’t even know his name.

    To the guy:
    Sorry dude, I own these girls an explanation, but I’ll try to be a cool colleague. 😉

  3. Mmm, apart from the fact that you just practically outed the guy I know nothing about him… 🙂

    I know the fag on the right though, I’ll have to investigate a bit further! 😉

    Did you get the job?

  4. Smetty says:

    Yep 🙂 But we didn’t sign the contract yet. And no contract, no job.

    About the outing. Not that many people will understand (or care about) this conversation.

    And euh… I’m not the one from the cool parties, but they are on my blog. I should get away with that. 🙂

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