I don’t like royalty (the non-news they tell about these persons), but I did visit my second royal palace this month. So there must be something interesting about it.

The Swedish Royal Domain of Drottningholm, built on an island in Lake M´┐Żlar in a suburb of Stockholm, is really beautiful. Even so special, that it was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1991.

The justification of the World Heritage Committee was: “The Drottningholm site – the castle, the theatre, the Chinese pavilion, and the park – is the best example in Sweden of a royal eighteenth-century residence, representative of all European architecture from this period. Drottningholm Castle was influenced by the French king’s Versailles, as were many other castles in Europe at this time.”

I can see why the royal family wants to live here. Nature at his best, close to the city and lots of history.

By the way, the Swedes are totally crazy about Princess Madeleine (check out this photo gallery). She’s the sister of Crown Princess Victoria.

U zegt?
  1. Corto says:

    After checking out the photo gallery, I understand why Princess Madeleine is so popular.

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