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  • Royals

    I don’t like royalty (the non-news they tell about these persons), but I did visit my second royal palace this month. So there must be something interesting about it.

    The Swedish Royal Domain of Drottningholm, built on an island in Lake M´┐Żlar in a suburb of Stockholm, is really beautiful. Even so special, that it was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1991.

    The justification of the World Heritage Committee was: “The Drottningholm site – the castle, the theatre, the Chinese pavilion, and the park – is the best example in Sweden of a royal eighteenth-century residence, representative of all European architecture from this period. Drottningholm Castle was influenced by the French king’s Versailles, as were many other castles in Europe at this time.”

    I can see why the royal family wants to live here. Nature at his best, close to the city and lots of history.
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