I’m not back from blog holiday yet. Just a little update.

Done some writing this week. It’s the first time that I wrote an article which will be published in a book. A real book (just a little bit proud :-)).

It’s to early for all the details. My contribution will be: the usage of wiki’s in an educational environment. For me, it’s also the first time that I will get some money for the time I invested in writing. And you know what? It feels good. Been reading a very interesting post about blogging and earning money this week (via WebDrain) by the way.

My next task was quite an unpleasant one: clean up my hijacked blogs. I started with Edublogs.be. Just finished it, and I’m really happy with it. Looks much better now. I combined working on this blog with adding some fixes on the cityblog as well (comments plugin and a privacy policy).

Done all that, it’s time to start working on this blog. I uploaded my pictures and podcasts again yesterday, but there is still a lot of work to do. Maybe I’ll go for a new template as well. Another problem I have is bad code (like non-existing links to earlier blogposts) in the blog from my “before WordPress” period. I haven’t worked on that since February. I didn’t feel like, but it fits in my big clean-up work/mood of this week.

Back to work, euhm… holiday.

U zegt?

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