Smetty’s Radio

I really like and just subscribed to their “become your own radio station” service. Welcome to Smetty’s Radio!

Smetty's radio

Until today, I was listening to the “Neighbour Radio” mode.

Neighbours Radio is a radio mode in which it ( will tune into a station made up of all people listed as a neighbour to that person (any user on the system). With Neighbours Radio, it’s easy for a user to discover some music that may be similar to the music they like, and as such help broaden their music tastes ( FAQ).

Yes, I do like to broaden my music taste, but I want to listen to some specific tracks (the music I like) as well. But can I listen to a specific track on The answer is no, unless the label has specifically enabled the track for full-length preview. is licensed as a radio station, and so we can’t legally provide on-demand services ( FAQ).

If I want to listen to the music I like and see this reflected om my profile, I will have to install their software.

With on your computer you can scrobble your tracks, share your music taste…

Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to and added to your music profile.
( FAQ).

Installing the software takes only 2 minutes. iTunes and Windows Media Player plugins are available during set-up, other players can be added later.

Last fm / Windows media player

This screenshot (click to enlarge) shows Windows Media Player playing a song. The software shows the artist, the track, the album, the tags used by other users to label the track, an “about the artist” + “similar to” this artist information.

“My Profile” gives an overview of what I recently played, loved and banned, my tags, my friends, my neighbours and a few radio modes.

Playing the song in Windows Media Player and scrobbling it with the software gets immediately reflected in my online profile:


By installing their software my online profile will be more up-to-date. Installing this soft is also required if you want to play your own Loved Tracks and Personal Radio.

Loved Tracks Radio is a radio mode which is a Subscriber benefit, much like the Personal Radio. Tracks that will feature on this radio station are tracks that the user manually marks as “loved”. To mark tracks as loved, a user must be using the Application.

Personal Radio is a subscriber only feature that gives you an insight into a user’s entire profile. This station’s content is built up based upon every song that the user gets scrobbled to their profile, via a plugin or the radio service ( FAQ).

I paid a monthly subscription (2,5 euro) and by doing so I created my own radio station. Smetty’s radio is born (!) and you can listen to it for at least one month. Another advantage: subscribers can listen to the Personal Radio of anyone, but non-subscribed users may only tune into the Personal Radio of someone that is subscribed.

My own radio station for only 2,5 euro/month. I like the idea.

Being responsible for my own radio station now, I will try to be a good DJ. Smetty’s Radio (Personal Radio and Loved Tracks Radio) is a mix of what I hear on and the music I like. I’ll try to make it a lovely, not-too melo and 70-80’s based, radio station. Hope you like it.

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U zegt?
  1. Fred Zelders says:

    It is said that the first impression is the most important.
    The minute I tuned in to Smetty’s Radio I felt comfortable! Why?
    This is why: So I need you by 3 Doors Down (The Better Life ALbum), followed by Missy Higgins with Scar.

    Congratulations with your RadioStation!

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