The Hairycopter

Someone gently talked me into a Hairycopter experience. A what? A Hairycopter!

The Metro Times Detroit:

Detroit is the capital of many things — cars, Motown, garage rock … and hair entertainers. That’s right — not barbers, hairdressers or even hair care specialists. Hair entertainers.This genus of performers was spawned by the one, the only and the original Hair Wars, a Detroit-born collision of hair, fashion, dance, competition and a heaping dose of sass.

It started back in 1985 when David “Hump the Grinder” Humphries was DJing at a Detroit club, looking for a way to spice up his parties. Humphries saw something in the black hairstyles of the time: intricate, colorful and aggressive. He invited a few stylists to show off their skills at his club night, and the ball was set rolling. Two decades later, Hair Wars is a nationally recognized phenomenon.

A typical Hair Wars show is far from typical. Over the years, stylists have upped the ante in a friendly game of one-upmanship; each year their dos become more and more outrageous.

Past entries have included a giant beehive that unzips to reveal Champagne service for two and the hairycopter, a toy helicopter perched on a model’s head.

That’s right. A helicopter on a model’s head. You can see a picture here. Doing a hairycopter means restyling your hair.

In the worst case scenario, I was prepared to go for GI Cindy. That wasn’t necessary after all. There was only some restyling involved and a message: “You can do so much more with your hair”. Unfortunately, I’m so NOT talented. And a bit lazy. That doesn’t help either. 🙂

This trend can be found in Ghent on the Los Limones party’s and the Ghent Festivities (Gentse Feesten, Baudelo park).

U zegt?
  1. Ik kreeg een paar dagen geleden het ontwerp van het voorblad van mijn boek toegestuurd:
    Diene mens op de cover mag ook wel eens naar de coiffeur, vind je niet? Het lijkt wel een ‘ode aan de nekmat’.
    Maar ik ben er wel content mee; door het kleurgebruik is het bovendien ook ferme reclame voor Vlaanderen’s beste universiteit…

  2. Smetty says:

    Je had misschien beter jezelf in een kostuum laten steken

  3. Ik heb even met de gedachte gespeeld om het potske van Irene (van Irene en Alice) te lenen. Zo met een troezel eraan en een paar ferm bottinen. Dat zou even schoon geweest zijn, zoniet schoner…

  4. pascale says:

    Zag jullie net op 1000 zonnen en garnalen…heel tof idee.
    Kan je me aub eens kontakteren op mijn email?

  5. Smetty says:

    Dit is wel Smetty’s Soapbox, niet Smetty’s Hairycopter service.

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