Geek dinner reflections

Only a few months ago, Viking and I participated in the first London geek dinner. Almost 200 people showed up to “network”, and it seems like the second geek dinner will attract almost the same number.

The geek dinner last night in Brussels was just fabulous. Less than 20 geeks and Robert Scoble as a special guest. Can it be any better?

I do respect Scoble (and Maryam) for their commitment. If I had to travel like them through Europe, I’m not quite sure I would bring up the energy to meet and talk all day with just anyone who wants to participate in the conversation. That’s what true evangelism is all about. That’s why Scoble is where he is, and not someone else.

It was nice to meet some Belgian Microsoft employees (Tom, David-thx for organizing-) and the community (Wim, Jelle, Will and Joris) around it. Because of Doppler, Viking and I are part of that community. Some usual suspects showed up as well: Luc, Miel, Fréderic, Maarten, Bart Liegebeest, Bart Kopjekoffie and Peter.

I see these dinners as a medium. You can use them the way you want it, for any goal and for any reason. I liked last night because of the vibe (and I’m quit sure that’s part of every successful dinner/party). It’s about meeting the other, and feel passionate about that.

These dinners are also mind food for me. I learned to learn from studying and analyzing other people. And that’s why Scoble and the other geeks are important to me. They bring my knowledge to a higher level and we share the same passion.

I guess thinking like that is a state of mind and a way of life. It’s my choice. And I like it.

U zegt?
  1. Hans Mestrum says:

    I feel the vibe and passion via this posting 😉

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