WSA-Award Winners: Gent.blogt and Doppler

Two of my internet babies were nominated and now elected as winners for the The Belgian World Summit Awards.
Gent.blogt wins the category: e-Culture
Doppler wins the category: e-Entertainment
Winning the Belgian contest is only the first step. Forty projects will go the second phase. I’ll let you know if we ever get there. In the mean time: champagne!

About the contest:
Any individual or company from 168 participating countries can submit a project and participate in World Summit Award Global Contest 2005.
The pre-selection for the Global Contest is made by a panel of national experts (WSA Expert Panel 2005), who are responsible for selecting 8 nominees from their country (only 7 in Belgium, smetty red.).
All national nominations (1 in each of the 8 WSA categories) will be submitted by the expert. All products will be evaluated by the WSA 2005 Grand Jury in August in Bahrain.
The winners will be announced at the WSA Gala, taking place in Tunis on 16 November 2005, during the Second Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

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