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  • Belasting op Amerikaanse hosting

    Een paar weken geleden heb ik hosting gekocht bij Go Daddy, een Amerikaanse provider. Voor het weekend kreeg ik volgend mailtje:

    Dear Smetty,

    We need a bit of information from you in order to comply with the European Union’s Value Added Tax (VAT) law.

    We’re asking all customers in countries that assess VAT to provide Go Daddy with their VAT Identification numbers by August 2, 2007. Please enter your VAT Identification Number for each active payment method in your Go Daddy Buyer Profile.

    While it does not apply to the purchase of domain names, the EU Directive requires that we add your country’s VAT to purchases of most other Go Daddy products.

    Once you’ve input your VAT ID, Go Daddy will automatically calculate the amount of tax due for the billing location(s) associated with your account(s). Those customers who do not provide the number by midnight (GMT), August 2, 2007, will be assessed the standard rate for their respective member states, payable on their next due date. We will begin assessing VAT on all applicable purchases made starting August 3, 2007 and going forward.

    As you probably know, VAT is a tax levied by the EU on goods and services purchased by consumers living in member states. This tax now includes goods and services supplied electronically via the Internet (Directive 2002/38/EC).

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